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The Perfect Tube Guitar Amp

Some years ago, I thought about an amp, which I wanted to be the perfect one for guitar use. After building and some time of playing through it, I am now convinced, that it cannot be improved anymore.
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"The Crest"

Last year I built a full Mini-Stack for guitar use. The purpose was, that I needed a smaller speaker system instead of the really big and heavy 4 x 12" boxes for gigs in smaller clubs. A further purpose was, that I used 8" full-range speakers, which - at much lower volume levels - are at the "sweet spot". Weight is only 10kg, while SPL is 100dB per box. One of the finest performers I ever heard!
Pre-amp Projects and Boosters

The STC - Bluesman is a single stage booster circuit, very useful to boost V1 in a tube guitar amp. The circuit uses only a few parts, so it could be mounted into any existing tube amp additionally.

The link at the right will show you a picture of my Epiphone Valve Junior with built-in STC-Bluesman circuit. The STC - Jazzman is similar to the Bluesman but shows a dual stage booster circuit. Because of this versatile design, JFET distortion and tube distortion are selectable individually and even also mixable.

„The STC-Bluesman“ „Valve Junior“

„The STC-Jazzman“
Active Guitar

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