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I have made some nice and interesting investigations together with Mr. Lukasz Fikus from Poland (better known as “Mr. Lampizator”) along Single Ended Triode (SET) tube amps, which led to the redesign of the Chinese Music Angel 845.  I received so many eMails for this project that I decided to build my own homepage, where I could add later revisions from the original article and a FAQ page (unfortunately still not ready!). You can read my original articles as well as Lukasz’s thoughts at his Lampizator website.

Also in the order of Mr. Lampizator I later designed the FETishizator, an output stage for DAC in CD-players, as a complement and/or substitution for his well known Lampizator tube stages. The benefit of the JFET solution is that there is no need for an extra power supply for heaters and anode voltage, while not changing the tube-alike triode sound.

Furthermore the Digi-FETishizator solved the problem of best coupling the S/PDIF signal to digital outputs.

You will find here some HiEnd-Audio projects from the field of tube design as well as some projects in JFET technology. The JFETs have nearly the same behavior as the tubes, especially when using them instead for triode circuitry.

I made up a special theory, when using JFETs as a substitute for tubes, called “STC”, which is in full spelling Standard Tube Circuitry”. I call it this way, because the original tube schematic can be taken and “translated” into a JFET circuitry, while all sounding parameters stay nearly the same.

I was led to STC-technology by investigating tube circuits for electric guitar use, trying to get the same sound performance of tubes, while not needing the high voltages and heater consumption, which are common with tubes. So you will find some guitar circuits here too.
You may see a sample HERE.

I shall try to answer all your questions (mailto: support@tubeclinic.com) concerning the several projects, but I can not promise due to limited resources and time.

Please try all my ideas and suggestions by your own and for your private use, but please also understand, that commercial use of my ideas is under my full copyright. If you want to use my ideas and schematics for commercial use, please contact me via office@tubeclinic.com .
Best regards,
Barbara Elisabeth Gerhold 




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